Saturday, April 14, 2012

this post isn't about other people, its about YOU


i don't really noe how to make a title out of this post. because theres so many things going around inside my head that i dont noe which one to tell first~ this post isn't random, I've been meaning to update and improve my writing skills since forever, but i guess i just didn't have the right click inside my head or the push telling me to do so~

today alhamdulillah i learnt a lesson. a lesson that brought up some huge meaning for me.. i was told and asked by my twin, "have u ever think that ur destined to do more than this" and my answer was simple "of course, everyone thinks about that"

but then he said

"so then what do u do??"

i kept silent. that qs lingered in my head up till now.

with so many things thats happening around me, i feel like a total loss. towards myself. towards my friends. towards my surrounding. i feel like there were certain things that i let them go by flow so easily without trying to even do something about them. and with that, how in the world can i start thinking about "being destined to do more than this" when i don't even care to treat the smaller problems arising within me, within my surrounding?

two main things i would like to say in this post. hopefully by saying this i won't hurt the feelings of any party, although i intended to make my points clear here, insyaAllah. I'm a nobody, I'm a mere human being, I'm not some ulama' in fiqh, syariah, usuluddin, but I'm here to make my points clear as the servant of Allah. i do make mistakes, in fact i make mistakes everyday. and i tried as much to learn from them, knowing its HIM and only HIM that has the right to judge me, regardless of people saying anything about me.
the two things are
1) friendship/ukhuwah/hablum minan nas (hubungan dengan manusia)
2) ikhtilat

we'll go one by one, starting from "friendship"
~ ill bring about a hadeeth here: Riwayat bukhari : " tidak halal bagi seorang muslim tidak bertegur sapa (kerana gaduh) lebih dari tiga hari..yang lebih baik antara keduanya adalah yang memulakan salam" ( al-Bukhari) ... sorry its not in english, as i didn't find out thats in english. *but u should totally read this hadeeth at least three times in order to at least get a grasp of what its trying to point out generally.

my dearest lovable friends,
let us ask ourselves again, why in the world Allah created us in groups of people being called homo sapiens in the first place? its when we have a community, a group of people being together, we are actually in need of each other. theres a continuous DIRE NEED to be having some company with us anywhere and everywhere we go~ its just that sometimes we stop thinking right there.. we didn't really think why is it so important to be having company with us, and why is it so important to be keeping that company close to us...

first kita kena tahu apa niat kita untk bersahabat, untuk berukhuwah. its LILLAHI TA'ALA kan? we keep on saying uhibbuki fillah, saya sayang awak kerana Allah, tp adakah itu hanya mainan di bibir? saya rasa lebih bermakna kalau kita tak ucap perkataan tu but instead benda tu boleh nampak just dengan perlakuan kita.. even i myself, as i speak now, i dare not to say that i love my friends truly because of HIM, bcuz its only HIM who knows whats really inside our heart kan? of course its totally not wrong to be saying it, but its even better if we prove it with our actions.
that goes to my second point here, *apa gaya debate ni?? =__=' so what are the actions that can prove that we are friends with someone lillahi? islam has already given us the guidelines (rukun) towards berukhuwah. #1 salamatus sadri (bersangka baik) #2 tawazun (kesama rataan) #3 ithar (sanggup berkorban)... tapi kenapa ramai yang tak mahu ikut?

subhanallah, cantiknya islam bila islam itu dikira sebagai "the way of life"..~ come one, all of us are destined to do something more than just hurting ur friend's feelings whenever u feel mad or sad, or when u have problems. all of us are destined to do something more than just making ur friends terasa by writing nasty stuff about them in Facebook or blog, just because u feel like ur anger towards that person is worth publicizing it...! all of us are so destined to do something more than just repaying back to ur friends who hurt u in the same manner as what they did to u just because u feel that u have the right to do so! its our destiny, to be doing something more than that, because we are MUSLIMS.

orang mu'min itu bersaudara kan....
cherish our friends, love our friends, treat them the way the we want others to treat us, talk with gud manner with them, be there for them, be there with them! if we do something bad accidentally to them, ask for forgiveness... and don't be shy about it. n always be forgiving too~ barulah kita nak kata "mari same2 kita bergandingan ke syurga!"


pernah terfikir tak, kenapa ada disebut hadeeth sebegitu di atas, kenapa Rasulullah sampai kata "tidak halal bg seorang muslim" utk tak bertegur sapa with ur friends. can u see how important it is to be treating ur friends the right way, to be looking after them and not hurting them?? sedangkan dalam perkahwinan, a very mutual n pure relationship between a man and a woman pun, boleh terjadinya perpisahan (cerai) even though Allah said itu adalah perkara Halal yg paling dibenci Allah. but Allah allows that to happen. instead, when it comes to ukhuwah, His messenger said "tidal halal" at all to be cutting off ties between friends..

i remembered this one event held in DQ, we had a program called "ukhuwah day" where all of the activities are based on friendship. the theme for the program was "ukhuwah is directly proportional to Eeman", and at the end of the day, i began wondering.. its really true~ u might ask this qs, if its directly proportional, then if ukhuwah kita lemah, maksudnye iman kte lemah ke? that answer can only be answered by YOU. lets see, bila kita sakitkan hati kawan2 kite? bile kite x stabil, bila kite diganggu emosi, bila kite rasa serabut.. what does this indicate??

i hope by writing this down I'm nor hurting any of my beloved friends. but again, i feel a need to say about this. bcuz i feel like theres something wrong going on around me.

oh Allah, jadikanlah kami dalam kalangan orang2 yang beriman..

part two about iktilat coming up insyaAllah~
this post isn't about other people. its about YOU.

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