Saturday, January 28, 2012


Salam and greetings.

this post is for the dearest juniors. although I'm not sure if this can do any help much.. as our experiences r the same not.

ok so, it happened that i was told to tell a story about how it all turned out to be here, the place where I'm currently studying at.
I'm currently studying, by His will, in unikl mestech (institute of medical sc and technology if I'm not mistaken), doing prep/foundation to further study in jordan, insyaAllah. jordan, as in JUST (jordan university of science and technology).

so how did i get here?

turns out after spm, u need to fill in some forms in...(a link will be b provided in advertisements in the newspaper). so u go there and u choose either MARA/JPA. although i was notified that there will b no more JPA scholarships for this year. their policy changed for some reason (most probably because they r lacking money). so the path which i clicked on, it was MARA as i wasn't confident with the result that i had. of course before u can even start showing off ur talent in the interviews u firstly need to qualify urself to the interviews with ur result. so there, i chose MARA. and when u fill in the forms, there will be a section when u have to choose basically the place that u wish to study. again, uncertain of my results i chose medicine timur tengah (although i really wished i would have clicked non timur tengah and go study abroad in UK or something. but nnt takut kena campak dekat india and indonesia pulak... ==)

fast forward a few billion months, alhamdulillah got an sms from mara saying that i need to attend myself at the MARA office in shah alam on certain days. my experience, that day also happened to be my exam day in Darul Quran! and after a few call to the MARA HQ they said that if u can't attend on that day then there was nothing else that they could do~ ==

so i spoke to the person in charge in DQ pulak, saying that i needed to save my future and attend the interviews. lol. and alhamdulillah, Allah cleared my way, and made it easy at last. i was to sit for the exam in the morning at quickly rushed myself to shah alam for the interview in the afternoon/petang.

upon arriving, had a few complications because they said that my name was in the morning session and they thought that i didn't attend the interview. but at last, they still gave me some form to fill up, and year subhanallah! its time for interview!
mind u, before u go for the interview u still need to fill up some forms and they will ask u again which place do u think u prefer to study. some people say they actually look at the choice in the form that u fill up, not the one in the online form. so at that time i thought that i wanna go to aussie at least, so i put aussie instead of timur tengah. alas, Allah noes better of what He has for me.

so my interview session was the last session for the day, and i was like so nervous because everyone else had gone back and finished their interviews, only left a few more people like me. we have 6 people in the group at that time, 3 boys and 3 girls. and i made friends with one of the girls whom happened to get UPU UM kott, which was like superb. her results were great, all A+ except for her english. and i thought that,,.perghh habis lah aku nnt! but never mind, just do ur best.

so fast forward another billion months, alhamdulillah i managed to get the scholarship! was when my house was robbed that we got the news. and Allah really noes best of what He has for me, for us... His servants.

so this program I'm in, its like a twinning program but aint one. this is the 3rd batch that MARA is offering to do this. instead of going to INTEC for three months then straight away go to jordan to start ur first year there, we are to stay here and do our first year here. since the first year of medicine according to jordan's scheme of study is kinda like foundation, so they think that maybe its better to study here first. as u noe, there r like 800 students doing medicine in JUST so u may not get used to the overpopulation and ur studies might get bumpy there.

so this program, for medicine = 1 year here and the next 5 years there. n ill be graduating under JUST, takd beza whatsoever than the people dr INTEC then straightaway go to jordan. and for dentistry pulak, 1 year here and 4 years there in jordan.

although u need to get 3.5 CGPA if u wanna go to jordan.. bear in mind that.

so i guess thats it. any inquiries Arifuddin, do ask me. haha! penat ahh tulis niiii! =)

the end.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

19 me~!

pre-birthday post. 19!! *tue kottt.

dearest Family, really really really am missing u guys . in a whole bunch!
i wish my family can somehow reunite and dr sana sini and come here to spend time together and just laugh our hearts out~

*the smiles aren't fake, I'm definitely sure! favorite pic of the day, love u sis! bettaufiq wannajah lil imtihan~


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I still want to Believe,!
but then maybe we turn of belief to the wrong place.

new sem already started. kalau nak cerita kena ada 10 kertas kajang
ok, itu hiperbola.
tp rasa otak perlu ditebar ke 10 kertas kajang untuk memampatkan segala benda bagaii
or even more

went to hospital td, got a glimpse of jabatan emergensi (dalam english emergency department)
masyaAllah...hati ini tertanya, betul ke aku nak jadi doktor ni?
tengok tempat tu penuh kesedihan,
recalled; green,yellow and red zone.
red zone means ur dead huh?

(...) titik tiga...

then perg ward 6E, its for strok people. lalu sekali ward pediatric.
hospital is really not a happy place nowadays.

looking at the absurd side,
pergi ground level,
macam pasar..orang amek ubat, orang amek darah, klinik ortopedik paling sesak, bersebelahan klinik sakit biasa.
n out of sudden, dekat lobby hospital tampat general counter information tu,
ada stall tiba2 didirikan
mula2 nampak kt tepi tu org jual milo and dadih..
boleh tahan lg,
sekali perg dekat tengah2 tu..yg bnyk orang perempuan kerumun,
ada orang jual emas =__________________________________=
speechless. nak gelak pun rasa tak kena.


(...) titik tiga...

sorry people for the absurdness

p/s: sorry and thank u r both very gud words....