Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What's The Greatest Thing that has Ever Happened to You?

A Family.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The World is Round. Lets make it Rounder. Get your geometry sets and all, cuz were drawing a perfect shape of a circle for the World! *gags*

so here are the updates.

These past few weeks, im not sure on how to begin with the updates. Firs of all, on the school matters. it was a blast, finally were havng a one week holiday. Which, believe me, is not a holiday for me. ohh well.

Since i havent been writing on this page for a very long time, unfortunately i need to remind myself that Ahmad Arifuddin (one of Mahiss's debaters) left Maahad for his better future in Kisas 2 weeks ago. he looked very contended indeed, and im happy for him (just jangan lah tunjuk sangat arif, geram je akk tgk). if it happens that the one reading this is arifuddin, remember my promise that one day Maahad will surely beat Kisas in debate. well yes a promise may sound a bit dangerous but still, when theres a will..theres always a way.. lol.

now, again with school (havent finished talking about it yet). im gladly to say that the teachers are so dear to give us one buldge of piling homeworks, not to mention that i havent finished the previous ones yet. n yess, it seems that my buku KOko that was supposed to be signed by parents this week, is MIA (MISSING IN ACTION) and was never returned to puan Mazita. im crosssing my fingers that it will come flying to me back, kalau ade rezeki. or.. lets just face it wani, the whole lot of competitions u entered when u were f4 are worthless i guess. *sighhhs*

apart from school, there were bits of here and there that is losing. its not really pleasant to retold the story. but lets just say,,,. that we just have to believe that in the end everything will be allright. Rite???

Holidays = Craps.
biggest Event = sushi King
Awaiting Event = Reunion 4 Razi!
Hope = i want to believe
Wishes = some painkillers please.

Wani = Black Forest Cheese Cake.

Happy Holidays, =)