Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Eid Mubarak

20 September 2009/ 1 Syawal 1430 H ; Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin~!

Alhamdulillah, this year we are still given the opportunities to fully perform our fastings in Ramadhan and welcome the month of Syawal. the purpose of celebrating Hari Raya is to only mark down the victory of all Muslims to be able to complete their fastings in Ramadhan. fasting may be normal for us but it is in fact very challenging for the others. Though we are encouraged to celebrate it, but the word "too much" comes in mind as we observe the Malay's culture of celebrating it (its not that im excluded). anyhow, heres what ive got for this raya.

yep, my dad still with his annual custom; sleeping whenever he is full. LOL. on the first day of raya, we went to Klang, Selangor (not so much of kampung) to visit our relatives (mainly, uncles and aunts) from the side of my father. i was thrilled to go there this year as i have finally understood the adults' talkings and point of veiws. of course, the food was superb (creamy lodeh and lontong) and my third sister raced up with my dad to finish up their lontong. along the process of getting to know our relatives, we (the three sisters who hasnt got married yet) got a little boring and went hyper with our iPods. so you see, theres not much of getting 'to know' our cousins after all (they pretty much do their own stuffs as well). my third sister was shouting "zombie datang!!" all the way when she played resident evil and we were laughing like mad while the elderly got their ways to kerepek and kuih muih.
at Cik Ros' house (its the place where my dad fell asleep), we met a very adorable and cute cat name Among (i think the name was taken from chinese drama Devil Beside You). she was very cuddly and was purring all along while playing with us, until she accidentally scratched my hand and ran away. ha ha ha. we resumed with our iPods by playing something that generates our minds but we were too slow and ended up laughing again while having a mouthful of kuih raya (mainly famous amous and something with cherry).
then we move to shah alam to visit my moms sister. now the whole environment changed because finally we have someone our size to talk to; k.Nadia! Aqil, her big brother ended up washing the dishes at the kitchen while the girls gather around and have some ridiculous conversations about our moms. LOL. no wonder they are called sisters, they are all the same. a lot of people will call them twins because of their almost-the-same looks, and we would call them bewitched because they also do the same thing (i mean, their habbits). of course, my dad went into his deep sleep again after praying and ignored Pak Ngah's presence. LOL.
overall, the first day of raya felt like having some visits to the city. i was raised to be a budak bandar (not that i like it) and honestly, i never got the chance to feel the environment of a real Kampung (rumah kayu, bakar lemang, jerang air atas kayu api...etc). my grandparents died when i havent got eyes to see them. and honestly, since my father is a Jawa-ian, i wouldnt want to feel the environment of Kampung by staying over nights at our real kampung, Pulau Jawa. ha ha ha.
Going to my dad's side and my mom's side on the same day made the whole difference. at Klang, their way of thinking seems to vary from us. they are more towards the culture, traditions and customs. nothing else matters. and when having some conversations, they would always think traditionally. ha ha ha. its not that were too modern, its just to show that our point of veiws varies. on my moms side, they have been westernized from having to live in overseas since they were small. we communicate in english, and discuss some global issues with open minds. our thinking varies as well but the culture isnt as strong as my dad's side. we only communicate in english because they cant understand b.Melayu perfectly; not that were proud of it or something.

so to conclude; on the first day of Raya, i did lots of laughing, playing games, listening to music and most importantly, eating.
Happy Eid Mubarak

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We (Kero, me and Hani) share the same interests. LOL. its what you call contagious, addictive and influential. just recently, i couldnt stop talking about Super Junior. Now, i couldnt stop watching this; Timeless.

what captures me the most isnt the song, but the way they put it with the MV (again.). if you are one of korean freaks like me, then once upon a time you must ve heard the popular song Because Im a Girl-Kiss. well, that song became popular because of its MV. this time,,.. its probably the same. in addition, it was sung by Xiah Junsu, one of DBSK members featuring some female korean singer. and the guy who became the police is Hankyung (Super Junior) and the bad guy was played by Shiwon (also Super Junior). their acting made the whole MV very lively especially when Shiwon made his wicked expressions in the van (watch it then u'll see).

The Story like This;

Shiwon (the bad guy) is very rich and influential in his world. but at the same time, he has a hobby of being a criminal (robbing and doing God knows what bad people always do). One day, it seemed that the police has been alerted by his hobby and cornered him. while trying to save his life, he caught an innocent victim to be made hostage (a girl). the police surrounded him, armed with guns and weapons but couldnt do anything because of the girl. so came their Chief Inspector (Hankyung), getting out from a black Rexton very cooly and tried to calm things down.; the police wanted to negotiate. but soon, Hankyung realized that the girl isnt actually a nobody; it was the girl he's in love with (his girlfriend). in a blink of an eye, he grabbed his gun and pointed out towards the criminal while shouting and threatening to let her go. Hankyung lost his senses of performing a police's duty and emotions overshadowed his rationalities. he couldnt let anything hurt the girl. things went frantic and one stupid police let out a shot towards Shiwon (but missed). Shiwon countered the shot back by shooting Hankyung and it hit him on the head.

1 year later, Hankyung is still lying motionlessly on the hospital bed. his brain isnt giving him any signals.only the machines supported him so to say that he is in an everlasting coma. in the end, his parents decided to let him go and donate his organs to the ones in need. the girl, of course stayed with him till the end.... (bleggh Shiwon is sooo cruel!)

at the same time, Shiwon fell sick and it was confirmed that he needed to do a heart transplant in order to continue living. the hospital didnt have any matches with Shiwon at first but then the doctor found a freshly new heart just recently. it matched! (blegghh.) the surgery was a success but soon Shiwon started to have flashes of memories that didnt belong to him. flashes of memories with a girl; he once "acquainted" with.

after having some investigations, it turns out that the heart Shiwon recieved once belonged to Hankyung. he met the girl to tell the truth and regretted of everything thats happened....

take note; Shiwon's expression when he uncovered his face in the van (its wicked!), and personally it was very enjoyable to watch the doctor cut open Shiwon's chest with the scalpel. i wonder when can i slice open a person like that. LOL. the scalpel looked very nice! plus the heart looked real (its real, as shown in the making of the MV).

Overall, it was very stupid for the silly cop to shoot the bad guy without any orders. it was stupid for Hankyung to let his feelings overpower his mind. and most importantly, it was so stupid for Shiwon to have such bad hobbies. but it left a sad feeling if u watch it emotionally. LOL

so.. enjoy~ Timeless Love.

Timeless-Part 1

Timeless-Part 2

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oddity; welcome back school!

15th Ramadhan; i noe i shouldnt be doing this.

what in the world just strike out my school? obviously, their unusual oddity is outrageous! (to students..) After a week of pure unfortunate holidays, i was beginning to think that going back to school wasnt that bad after all. i got to see Kero and Hani again so we can race reading the quran 30 Juz. not to mention now i have accidentally put myself in their SUJU circle; now im crazy with Kangin, Ryeowook, and KIBUM! not a single day is spent without turning back to their seats and talking feverishly with them about SUJU [sigh..lagha nyer.]

until one fine day, during the assembly, our beloved ustazah Marzilah informed/ordered us with some freaky astounding news.
1) all students are warned not to put their books (i thought SPBT books only, at first) in the space under their table. spot checks will be done in the short term and imeediate actions will be taken with books found under tables.
2) students are not allowed to put their bags at the canteen/pondok KO-OP in the morning before the assembly. students can either bring their bags straight up to class or bring along the bags with them to the assembly.

ape nie???

i didnt really care at first. since i thought the first news only concerned the SPBT books. meaning we can still leave our heavy buku latihan or if the text books werent belong to SPBT. the 2nd news seems pretty reasonable (as if). maybe there are students who enjoy delayness and made the 1st period teacher angry for turning up late. that is the only solution that the school could think of. blegghh.

but yesterday, Pn Noorgayah informed us that no books, or even papers are allowed to be under the table. we questioned about exercise books..etc etc but then she told us that later that evening, there will be spot checks regarding this and any books (even buku latihan, and buku nota) will be thrown into the black plastic bag (bakul sampah lah, duhh). so save our books!

what a cracker!

sincerely, we dont get it. we understand if the policy is to preserve the SPBT text books. i noe because of some students attitude, they tend to take SPBT books for granted. for that, its the students fault. its not too much to say that we would obey the rules and bring back our SPBT books. i only left my OWN text book and some exercise books under my table. but the idiosyncrasy of this is that we cant put ANY FORMS OF BOOKS UNDER THE DAMN TABLE (forgive me for the language). can any one please tell me the point of having us to do that? or maybe its better if u just kopakkan the table so that it wont have any compartments for us to put things there?

please understand. once upon a time, they used to be students just like us. i noe they suffered more than us (like going to school barefooted, leaving the house around 5 am. to walk to school for 5 miles... etc etc.) but some of us have that kinda problems too. there are parents who stopped their kid at the bus stop or even at the opposite of the jejantas and those poor students have to walk their way to the entrance of Maahad which is like 5 minutes away...with all those books! even i couldnt stand it, having to carry those books from the drop zone. the whole point is that these books are too heavy to be carried around all the time. and whose to be blamed if we all decided not to bring certain books to school, and just stared helplessly around in class if teachers asked for the books? whose to be blamed if some students (like me) have spine problems (x leh angkat bag berat sangat), or even hand problems (x leh nak pegang buku berat sangat..)..? are you suggesting that i hire a maid and let her carry all my things while dragging her along to school with me???

not that i dont agree with what ustzh Marzilah said; boleh dapat lebih berkat jika ilmu itu sentiasa dibawa bersama kita. but its totally contradicting because pn Noorgayah said to us that the books found under tables in spot checks will be thrown in the dustbin. now because of one silly school's rules, u want to throw away ILMU?? isnt that a bit irresponsible?

i dont noe if my anger is clouding the rationalities inside my head but honestly i dont see any point of having such rules. thought right now i have this spine problem, i bet it this continues on, a lot more Maahad students will have to see or orthopaedics to get their spine checked , especially those yang kecik2 tp bawak bag lagi besar dr mereka.

Kero continuously said to me; One More Year and were out of here.
wanie; yeah one more year and i'll break my spine. God knows what else will this school do to us next year.
Hani; ha ha ha! cepat lah satu tahun lagi!
wanie; cant wait too! [dalam hati rase nak pindah skola ikut Syafinah pergi Kedah je.]