Monday, October 31, 2011

^^ al-ikthibar ^^

Al-ikhtibar...... (boleh rasa lup-dup sound when u press ur palm close to the heart)

*fear..makes us sadder.

saya tak reti nak bagitahu orang saya takut...saya reti membebel je.
and looking back at these pics somehow made me smile in the middle of fearing out**

"saya suka tengok ayah saya tidur. isnt he adorable?"

"they call us twins, and always tersilap panggil nama kitorang sbb muka nak dkt same"

"they who brought COLOURS to my life"

"the only pic i have with HER (k.naf) sitting right next to me~ epic.."

"and of course, this little fruit heart (bush hati) - betul ke ni?"

i'm kinda tired........

Friday, October 28, 2011

We can't Have Everything = Rizq


I thought of writing this down as i was eating mee maggi in the kitchen. ha ha.

this post is specially dedicated to dear juniors who r about to sit for their SPM. its kinda like a post-SPM post, because wat I'm about to tell u is related to things that you will want to do after SPM.
i understand clearly the feeling of wanting to let go of everything and just have fun after SPM. u have been tormenting yourself for the SPM preps since u were 16 right? and i get it, SPM is a total nightmare.
so wat i did last year, was to think of as many plans that i can, to be done during the holidays. i wrote so many things that i found myself tired of the anticipation feeling i grew for that certain plans. i once planned to

1) ran away from malaysia for the whole holiday and spent time in aussie with my sister and her family
2) memorize the quran and go to some private tahfiz school,i even googled tahfiz school in aussie -DQ is a no, no
3) learn driving and get international driving license in aussie? -this is of course, absurd
4) debate as much as i want! have fun speaking up and babbling stuffs - its kinda gud, knowing that ur actually babbling stuff but people do listen to u.
5) erm, watch as many korena/japanese/taiwanese dramas i can
6) sleep and eat like crazy
7) talking to friends for as long as u can (other people pulak, mereka nak couple sebanyak mana yang mereka nak. this happens u noe, u'll find ur friend's status dkt fb nnt,sehari lepas spm terus tulis "in a relationship" or "engaged" to...........)
8) hang out with friends and do lots of shopping and wasting time!
9) go to MHI camp or any camps available
10) i even had this dream of wanting to debate with my twin and be able to break into lots of competition. and show them maahad power.

out of those ten in the list, in the end, i could only do one for the entire holiday- no 2). though it wasn't some private tahfiz school in aussie, i was grateful to get into DQ. well, i was finally grateful to be able to get into DQ this recently, so sorry for all the rantings sepanjang saya berada d DQ. ='(

and i made this one conclusion, yes we can plan all we want, we can dream about it all day long, but in the end..we can't have everything eyy. it depends on our Rizq (rezeki) from Allah and how He plans our life. although i do find myself wanting to reach for other plans as well-such as debate and perhaps watching those korean dramas, it didn't seem to work. i ended up making my head more serabut with such thoughts (always thinking what IF things turned out that way supposedly,what IF things turned out this way..). my head became SO SERABUT that it made me such an ungrateful person, not appreciating what i have in my hands now.

so to begin with, if you are starting to have all those bizarre plans in mind, BE REALISTIC. only plan realistically so that u won't crush ur dreams of doing everything in the list afterwards. then, BE COOL. like i said, u can't have everything..seriously. even if u are able to do more than wat i did inside my list, but still, trust me u won't be able to do everything. next, START FOCUS BROTHER S AND SISTERS. yeah i noe korang nnt excited sangat dapat terlepas daripada belenggu SPM. but..that doesn't give u the ticket to be FREE AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. its best to make the best out of the holidays by doing something u really want to do and u feel it is something really worth it. things like "lepas spm je aku nak cari awek!" or, "lepas spm je ak nak tengok cite korea 3 hari 3 malam x tido" or..."lepas spm je ak nak online dekat fb and berkenalan dengan sume contacts ak!!"..isnt really worth it eyy? wat i think i ought to do, was to think that the post-spm holidays is my ticket to MATURNESS. i could finally do something BIG and contribute something to the society. i could have fun too, but still not be too selfish and do everything out of pure entertainment. i could contribute to ISLAM, MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, AND MAYBE THE SOCIETY!

as to my case, yes i have to admit i was jealous when i see my debate family debating and becoming greater than ever. i was jealous that i couldn't join their training, i was jealous that i couldn't even get my driving license and had to sit quietly in DQ where i could only zoom around dekat bandar Kuala Kubu Bharu tu. i was jealous that i couldn't go to Paris with my family. i was jealous that why was i the only one in the family who needs to memorize the Quran as if all the responsibility to bring goodness to my family was on me. i was jealous to everything else i couldn't have, almost forgetting the real things i have.

at last, those were only My Feelings, making myself believe that I'm not at par with everybody else. thats what u get when u couldn't really fulfill your list of plans. thats what you get when...u can't have everything that u want.

Be grateful my dearest junior, and Plan Smartly.

*special dedication to my dearest Junior, Arifuddin. He made it to interview DQ today. alhamdulillah... ill be praying all along dik... =)

My Lucky Star~

Salam and greetings!

i've finished watching this long-lost drama again! my lucky star~ * XD

well, ok.. i noe i shouldn't really waste my time watching it again (I'm very sorry, dear time) but the last time i watched this was before PMR kot! it was aired some time in 2008 and ahhh, man wat a nostalgic drama!

for all who doesn't noe the existence of this drama, it is indeed a taiwanese drama (not korean). when some people might say they prefer Korean drama because these taiwanese people are too noisy, i would have to disagree with it when this drama has such an epic an nostalgic plot (really, tak main2..)

well, although the way they portray it in the drama may seem a bit corny, with some dumb jokes the taiwanese drama likes to do, but hey the plot was really nice. i mean, how many people yang boleh create that kinda love tale ehh?

so here's a bit of the story line.

My Lucky Star is a story about Ah Xing (Yoo Ha Na), a liar and a thief who copies and forges jewelries and Tian Qi (Jimmy Lin), the second son of the owner of E. Shine, a huge jewellery empire, and a world class F1 racer.

One fated day, while Ah Xing was running from the police, she accidentaly bumps into Tian Qi, Tian Qi had thought that Ah Xing has stolen his earring (truth is, it fell when they bumped into each other) and therefore he stopped her, which caused the latter to be caught.

After a year, Ah Xing is released, meanwhile Tian Qi has just gotten back to Taiwan to attend the engagement party of his brother with his (Tian Qi) ex-girlfriend. And again, Tian Qi and Ah Xing have met accidentaly. And this is when the story develops, but then there are many circumstances along the way: how will an ex-convict and an heir match each other? Also there’s the presence of Ou Ya Ruo, Tian Qi’s ex who’s still harbouring feelings for him. Most notable of this is when Tian Qi’s brother have died in a car accident and he took all the blame to Ah Xing, hating her.

-the part where they were destined to meet coincedently was pretty exciting. how u had a bad day, and when u bumped into someone who made ur day crappier, turned out to be ur true love. this drama was filmed as if it has 2 seasons fused into a single show. the first part was the part where they developed their love story, making it as if they were meant for each other come hell or high water. they were happy just having each other. but the second part was the part where we could see the hero developing his own grudge towards the heroin because he blamed her for his brother's death in an accident. for 5 YEARS, he tortured himself believing that the girl was all to blame and it was a MISTAKE to have met the girl in the first place.

but then he couldn't helped himself when the heroin appeared in front of him again accidentally, and though he intended to get his revenge, he never could have done so because the girl never left his heart from the very start. he ended up protecting her, and getting hurt whenever he saw the girl in pain...

so yeah, i was wondering if these things could ever be real in our lives. one thing, in Islam there is no coincidence. but just imagine, if one day u bumped into some guy whom u thought would made u suffer, but in the end turned out to be..ur destiny? of course there is no coincidence, its just called Fate, and how Allah has turned ur story that way. and to think of that, its pretty exciting too huh? XD

this is not some day-dreaming version of wani's. I'm only stating that anything is impossible. it might ended this way, it might ended that way, who noes. our role is to pray the best from Him and take really gud care of ourselves til the time comes. always pray for His guidance in making choices in every second of ur life. so it things like this happens to u, u'll noe He will always be there for you, and at least u have asked for Him to guide u thru the way.

anyway~ the story was awesome! minus the dumb jokes and everything. i wished the audio would be better, and they should have re-do it into HD or something. its nostalgic ok! XD

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apa nak jadi dengan..

Apalah nak jadi dengan ini...

LOL. L = Lesen Percubaan Memandu.

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, today it felt a bit calm with the quietness around and i began wondering about this..

my attempt to get this L license was postponed due to the packed schedule I'm having at school,university,institute,college, whatever u call it. at first i was supposed to get it done already by going to the last step: attending a 6 hours lecture of driving. but fortunately, i woke up very late after i accidentally took a nap ba'da Fajr and had no time to get ready for that 6 hours lecture. so yeah, afterwards kena call imkeda, and cakap lah yang saya ni kurang sihat and had to postpone the lectures..until Now ~ (i mentioned the word "fortunately" because on that day instead of going to the driving lectures i could go to debate training XD)

so for now, life is hectic with exams here and there, life has also been hectic with these people..

jadi Lesen L, sila sabar ye..ill come and get you once I'm stabilized XD.
*sebenarnye phobia dengan kereta....