Saturday, November 19, 2011


kenapa hati tak tenang ni.....???



Friday, November 11, 2011

Someone Like You

Errr, sedang di dalam fatrah hati menerawang dekat tempat lain..apakah??

recently I've been playing the song by adele, someone like you banyak banyak banyak kali.
n i wondered why.
lagu ni orang kata untuk mereka yang frust putus cinta. -saya tak frust putus cinta. saya frust study adalah.
lagu ni jugak katanya bagi mereka yang sedang sakit menanggung perpisahan. -errr?? no comment

but come to think of it kan, the lyrics..mcm pelik!

"never mind ill find someone like you..
i wish nothing but the best for you too..
don't forget me, I beg,..
i remember you said...
sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead..."

errr, ill find someone like you?! tak mungkin kot..mane lah nak same manusia2 dalam dunia ni.
tak payah cakap in lovey-dovey relationship, kalau kawan baik kita pun.. kalau gaduh and at the end of the day we break the relationship, and a few months after that jumpa dengan kawan baik baru, its still aint the same right?
memang namanya kwn baik jugak, but deep down, u noe that u only emptied the place, but you do not fill up the place with someone new. there is no replacement over that only Make Up room for another place untuk best friend baru tu.

mujahadah itu pahit, always kena remember that.
and take note too, i can never find someone like You..

Thank you Allah, for making me see the lighted path.
sakit ke,pahit ke, kena telan jugak kan?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sang Perindu


syahdunya malam ni.

Allhurabbi...rindu ni tak dapat nak ditahan.
rindu hendak menangis di sisiMu,
rindu hendak tersenyum dan ketawa di sisiMu,
rindu hendak berdamping denganMu,
rindu hendak berkata-kata denganMu,
rindu hendak sujud menghadapMu,

ya Allah...aku hamba yang kerdil,

selayakkah aku untuk menangis di sisiMu? untuk ketawa dan tersenyum keranaMu? untuk berkata-kata denganMu?

tapi siapa aku tanpaMu ya Rabbi?

siapa aku untuk tidak mengadu padaMu?
siapa aku untuk tidak ingin memohon sesuatu daripadaMu?
siapa aku.........

Mujahadah itu pahit..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Distance Relationship.

Salam and happy eid adha!

*mesti sedap makan daging Qurban kan? yg penting tulang2 tu jangan lupa tanam ye..

now, often we relate the title above with some girl-boy relationship. whether or not they are tied with marriage,engagement or not tied at all is subjective and depends on a person's point of view as to how he/she defines the term "relationship". only that i think personally, if the relationship isn't tied properly according to syar'ie, then why should we call it "relationship" in the first place ehh? ok, dah out of topic dah. as i was saying, people often see the term "long-distance" only happening in "boy-girl"/"pakwe-makwe"/"husband-wife" relationship. but then, i came to think, its quite the same with the relationship u have with ur close friends huh?

i recently realized how important it is to have a close friend with u by ur side....

i have a few close friends whom aren't really there all the time with me, and i have to admit its quite hard living without them by my side. i do not wish to call them "best" friends as the word describes specific meaning which also mean that i'll be judging my other "non-best" friends if i use that word. bt anyway... bcuz of them not being with me the whole time, i wld categorize myself as to having some long-distance relationship.

whats so hard with the relationship?

its when u needed them the most and that moment u happened to be so busy to tell them everything u faced in a single phone call or text messages. just to make u feel better, of course u wld contact them and sort of ask "apa khabar?" or just randomly shout out their names and send them lovey-dovey sms.. but when u really want to get serious about telling them ur problems, suddenly it kinda fade away, and suddenly tiba2 pulak u don't have time to talk to them.

because this long distance relationship involves two people, its not just you that u should be thinking about. its also orang lagi satu yang entah dekat mana tu. on ur side, u might b having some serious problems that u think u want to kill ur self this instant but who noes...maybe on the other side that person is thinking the same thing, and he/she might just be too busy as well to cope up with their own life. see how complicated things can get?

and its not like you can text/fb/call ur friend every day to share with him/her about ur everyday both aren't facing the same thing in their everyday life kan? u might be pissed off with chemistry right now but the other person might be pissed off bcuz of law101 subject. and even if u have time to tell her all your problems, he/she wouldn't really get what u mean and how u feel compared to the people around u who saw u fall and get back up again.

im not saying because of these difficulties, we should all end our long-distance relationship with our close friends. I'm just saying because of all these difficulties, we shld appreciate them more and also start making ourselves strong enough to handle our own problems everyday even without them. after all, we have Allah who will never be far away from us right?.. and we can't blame them for not understanding us anymore when we tell them a problem and he/she replied differently from what we expected. well, he/she IS NOT THERE PUN KANN.

just bear in mind, that even though u guys are far apart, it doesn't mean that u are his/her past and isn't significant any longer. we just have to take things differently now. allowing ourselves to learn more about life on our own, and also allowing them to do that too. but at the end of the day, in our heart...we will always be friends forever, and love each other till the end.. =)


p/s: dedicated to my close friends whom are far away from me. i love you guys and may Allah bless our friendship.. =)