Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kesian Ibuku.

salam. rasa nak tergelak jugak bila dengar, but kesian ibuku.. hehe

yep today i was quite moody, and pergi class pun macam pelik je rasa. so when class ended, my mom picked me up and straight away her face was.."keruh"?

so then she said; tadi DQ call..
wani: ermmm, okk..?
mom: ada ustazah izan call.
wani: ustazah what?! (sepanjang hidup dkt situ x pernah pulak jumpa ustzh izan)
mom: penyelia asrama...
wani: LAAAH. PUAN NORIZAN! bukan ustazah tu...

wani:.... *senyap je lah my mom dah marah tu..

so then she explained that puan norizan called to say that i haven't pulangkan kunci asrama yet. which yes, i haven't pulangkan kunci yet. because hari tu datang boleh pulak tertinggal kunci tersebut! and i didn't pass the key to my friends sebab as far as i noe, penyelia DQ ni banyak songeh, u have to hand the key yourself and sign some forms. yes, of course, i admit..thats my fault.

but heres the thing..

puan norizan ni boleh pulak marah mak saya yang terpinga pinga tak tahu pasal benda tu, dengan nada yang kurang sopan, nafas turun naik konon marah sangat.and she said "kami sambut dengan baik, keluar pun dengan cara baik lah."


kesian ibuku ok! is that how u talk to a parent? tak belajar PR ke? kalau u marah pelajar tu boleh tahan lagi masalah nye ni mak orang ok! which is like 20 years OLDER THAN you.. and my mom terus cakap "ingatkan orang DQ sume berakhlak, baik.."
so nak blame siapa kalau orang dah judge DQ macam tu because of your own lack of professionality?! aiyaaa. belajar lah PR sikit puan..

for ur info, saya keluar dengan surat pengarah ye. keizinan pengarah., if thats what u meant by "keluar dengan baik", and i even khatam 30 juz alhamdulillah, so takde nye nak menzalimi hak orang lain sebab keluar lepas dapat tawaran ke apa. bukan sengaja tak nak pulang kunci.. dah time saya keluar tu hari ahad, then hari ahad puan norizan yang baik hati ni ada ke nak tunggu saya pulangkan kunci? subhanallah..rasa moody+marah sungguh.

geram nye buat mak orang macam tu. puan, dengarlah rintihan ramai pelajar2 yang mengadu cara puan ni kurang sopan. puan garang x bertempat. so that takd lagi surat layang merepek2 sampai dekat puan.. nasib baik mak saya bukan pelajar DQ kalau tak agaknye dia pun nak hantar surat layang dekat puan.

but insyaAllah,,we won't solve this behind your back. we'll send a letter regarding your behavior. thank you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illegal trip to.. DQ!!!

on friday morning (almost to afternoon), i headed to ktm ukm to ride the train to DQ. masyaAllah dah lah time konvo UKM, ramai sangat kot orang.. take tabahkan hati je lah. hati dah berbungan ceria nak jump sahabat2 tercinta..

sampai2 je, pergi surprise kan penghuni2 A212. muka semua terkejut beruk sebab nampak wani. macam nampak alien je. hehe. then perg bilik lama A205, punya sedap nampak cik Faqihah tengah baca novel! caught red handed betul Faqihah nii! dah lah makin chubby. agaknye happy kot sebab dapat roomate baru ha ha ha. =)

malam tu, ada ceramah by ustz Ridhuan Mohd Nor. tajuknye islam liberalisme and pluralisme. subhanallah, rinduu sangat sangat sangat ta'lim/majlis ilmu macam ni. terbukak sikit minda pasal the things thats going around us. masyaAllah.

sambung malam yang masih muda, with conversations with k.syafiqah again then dengan budak2 FT sampai pukul 3 pagi. Atifah syaheed dull, pukul 1 lebih dah tidur. diiikuti oleh yang lain. tinggal Syi and wani je last2. and we have decided to rujuk balik..since both of us are worried about our daughter dekat Taylors tu XD.

the best part..rasa macam jadi baik balik dekat sana! hidup diberkati! subhanallah.. solat jemaah..solat sunat rawatib jadi amalan. orang bangun qiam. baca ma'thurat, alunan sahabat2 iadah Quran. tiada lagu2 berkumandang, tiada majalah2 hiburan, tiada gelak ketawa yang bersisa hiburan.. subhanallah, masyaAllah.. sayunya hati melihat perbezaan ketara bumi DQ dan bumi di luar.. padahal kita semua Islam, kita semua sama,.Hamba Allah Yang Esa..

bila tinggalkan DQ tu rasa nak meraung. ya Allah, aku kena balik semula kepada dunia aku yang sekarang. berada di tengah2 masyarakat yang tidak faham. berada di tengah2 mereka yang tidak aku kenali, as Stranger.

oh Allah, i believe, and I'm 120% sure..that semua ini ada hikmah..mengapa auk dicampakkan ke dunia..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


greetings and Salam.

today i encountered something peculiar, weird. and again, it made my head think: erk...ape benda lah yang aku portray sebenanrnye. hmphhh. pelik. pelik

i was talking to one of my friends, after eating so much for lunch. well, everyone close to me would noe that i eat a lot. so while we were talking we talked about our hobbies during our free time. hers was to be rolled in peculiar game plots and stories. she asked about mine and i honestly said that i am into korean/japanese drama. the latest prove you could get: CITY HUNTER. thats when she said that its kinda typical. and i do agree, yeah it is typical. in fact, its not really a good habit. you could spend the whole day in front of your laptop watching those korean dramas, only pausing when you need to eat or pray. you don't care about other stuffs once you get into the plots and the male character love story. and the thing that made it so typical is that the plots are almost the same. gahhh. its either the hero is too poor to get married with the rich girl, or the girl is too poor and was rejected by the hero's parents. very few had different plots, but if we look at it again, the romance genre is still the same.

nak buat macam mana, wani ni degil sangat nak buang that habit. but Alhamdulillah, dah berkurang.

the next thing that she said made my head ponder for a while. quite a while. i said that besides korean drama, I'm beginning to like reading factual books. books about philosophy, mainly islamic philosophy and history..its never bad to inculcate those habit, i thought. but then she said (of course its in a non-offensive way), that by the looks of me (i wear baju kurung/jubah with tudung labuh), yeah its typical to read those stuff. the way she said it is like reading such topics is the nature of people with similar looks of me.

hmphh. i wonder if thats true.

i monologued with myself for a while. its not that i was angry by the things that she said. she did asked me if she was being offensive and with such short-thinking i said no.

to me, she was just being honest. and honesty is the best policy. i am grateful for that.

but the thing that disturbed me was,the fact that she said reading those kinda things is typical for someone like me, and reading those things itself is typical. it means its not a unique hobby, its not something intriguing, and its not something that people would think is unique. thats her point of view. well,, ok.. maybe its not really that fun.

but heres the catch; shouldn't we all muslim delved into the world of islamic knowledge to enhance our knowledge in our own religion? so that we could understand better the things that we practice everyday. so that we could understand better the things we SHOULD practice everyday..? isn't that the real case? i believe that if it is something that we SHOULD do, it doesn't matter if we want to classify it as something typical or boring, its just something that we should do. the simplest analogy is, STUDY. eyy? lol.

isn't studying WAY TOO TYPICAL to do nowadays? u go to school since kindergarten and, ohh please! even i couldn't stand all the pressure of studying sometimes. another example would be: talking about the issues in palestine. how our brothers and sisters are bombed to death there each and every single day. how muslims of the world didn't seem to care about it thats why the media or any responsible body keep harping about it again and again. how we should actually not eat McD and support them because they use their profits to help the zionis destructing plalestine. but isn't that what we SHOULD be hearing and DO?

so is 'typical' considered relevant in this case? ..


Saturday, September 17, 2011

I ran away, hope I could find my way back insyaAllah.

An awesome weekend! after a tragic week!

Ahhhh. this empty heart felt like being filled in.. and its not really that cold here (anywhere ur heart is) even though outside it is raining. yesterday i went out with DQ friends to go beraya to our teachers house, ustazah syafawati.THAT WAS JUST THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THIS WEEKKK! masyaAllah i couldn't describe this longing feeling of missing them so much! even though eventually they had to be penalized for going back to DQ late, but i guess it was worth it. siap buat trademark "kelas Najmatul Ulya BLACKLIST" untuk dipersembahkan dekat ustz Dasuki. LOL. they are really awesome! and wats more, two of them had just khatam quran before raya. subhanallah, nanti iadah quran betul2 tau! ana bangga dengan antunna semua!

i really appreciate them coming for afar, getting on the train at 7am. we laughed together, discussed interesting things with our beloved ustazah, and was campaigned by some strangers to HERBALIFE. in the end all of us had to drink the herbalife product and immediately after that each of us searched for the bathroom. =) then semua orang pergi redah hujan to take some pictures, and i ended up having sore throats the next day. rasa bahagiaaaa sangat, Allah saja yang tau.

the bonus part is here! we get to buy BOOKS! not chemistry and physics books of course. after beraya rumah ustazah we went to look at some books. alhamdulillah dapat jugak beli the long-awaited buku DALAM DEKAPAN UKHUWAH. then bought asbab nuzul and 7 formulas of excellent individuals too. ya Allah, please let me finsih all those three books.

of course, it was saddening to part ways with them in the evening. they needed to go back to DQ, a place i once..dislike the system. but now, i feel like going back with them, clarifying myself as a student there.... dear friends, u guys will always be in my heart. i may not noe yet the real taste of ukhuwah..but with u guys, i feel it coming... T_T

then the next day, after having some problems with driving class (caused by myself), alhamdulillah i got the chance to attend debate training with other schools. there was arif hakimi and laila, n it was such a great experience. i got to debate again after leaving it for so long. lol as crappy as it is, I'm grateful i had that debate. at least i get to debate with other people, not myself. seeing those people who were once in my life; laila,arif, fakhry, fattah, kamalia, iman...i was really glad.

heres the catch of this post:
I've been meeting with the people in my past and the times spent with them felt so great that it felt like running away from the reality. since this week have been a tremendous blow to me, with new environment yet still to adapt, new friends whom i don't even noe their last name, and lecturers teaching in uni so fas i hardly could breath.. it really felt like I'm running away. and wats the best way to run away from reality if not by letting yourself live in the past. but thats not gona do you any good in the future is it..

so i wonder, i ran away, could i find my way back? when eventually its monday and i have to be back to hostel, i have to attend classes with strangers I'm yet to adapt, i have to accept the environment fast or else ill be the one ketinggalan.. all those things, when will i could finally find my way back. yes, i noe that i need to move forward. i need to start growing up in the real sense of growing up where nobody would wait for u. everything now starts round and about me, myself n I. its gona be tiring.. but wani, this is life. not some dream.

when..will i could finally LET GO?