Monday, May 30, 2011

Are U A Leader?


I was eager to write this down sincerely. its something im always keen to do; sharing. sharing the knowledge, sharing the bad n gud memories, sharing, wat i feel like needed to b shared. =)

so this time, this question aroused inside my head. Do u think that U r a leadeR? when asked this question, most people probably have this view: jangan nak perasan lah weh. tak payah tanya soalan macam tu. kalau orang pilih, kiranya ur a leader and kalau orang dh pilih, naik je lah jadi leader, tak payah nak bising2.

hmphhhh. typical.

in the scope of being Muslims, we need in fact to realize our objective of living in this world. we cld never run away from these two objectives tat Allah had alrdy lined up for us. we are here to 1) govern #become a caliph and 2) to subjugate ourselves as servants to Allah #mengabdikan diri pd Allah. so becoming a caliph, u realy need to ask urself if u r a leader/gud leader if u want to pass this job with flying colours eyy?

heres the trick to this question: experience taught me that when u ask this question, theres a way to test whether ur answer is correct or wrong. whether u r a leader or not. whether u r a gud leader or otherwise.. the test is simple. u go to the nearest musolla/surau/masjid, (make sure u come early). wait for the azan, get ur solat sunat rawatib done, and as quickly as possible go to the first line in front of the masjid and offer urself to be..well an IMAM. solat itself has taught us so many things that cld b related to life (e.g the moral of khusyu' when u sujud teaches u to focus n many more), wat more cld u ask from SOLAT BERJEMAAH. try n delve more into it n it cld even teach u how to govern a country RIGHT (so, does that mean if the leaders of our country doesnt solat berjemaah than they r NOT RIGHT? lol just something to ponder)

this test is best done during solat SUBUH, MAGHRIB AND ISYA'. for those who did this test before, must hv known the feeling. for me, it was a great experience which taught me a lot. when it was exam time i didnt really go to masjid in order to save time. so i performed my five prayers in surau asrama banat and was asked to b an imam lots of time, (mayb bcuz i was there early or something). the first time ever, my hands were shaking in fact my body cldnt stand stil properly. for u to solat and FACE ALLAH THE CREATOR at that time, at the same moment leading my sisters in islam properly to face Allah too, is not an easy job. to me it felt wonderful biiznillah, alhamdulilah. because i noe leading people in solat is the only CERTAIN thing that we noe, "yes im leading people the RIGHT WAY, to Allah". n it was a challenge for me too, for i was leading a bunch of great huffaz behind me. it was of great memories, n i cld say i missed being an imam there.

to my friends, brothers n sisters in islam, do not b afraid. go for it. test urself with this simple test. once u tried the first time, n ull think subhanallah this was great, and peaceful...

so people, are u a leader? =)

Friday, May 27, 2011


salam. This entry is abt basicly my life as a fast tracker in dq. When ppl say i wasnt too sentimental abt dq, n tat i dnt love dq.. Well, i hv my own way of seeing it. Bt if it wasnt for dq, i cldnt ever b of wat i am tdy. Thank You Allah.

So 'BEYOND THE FIRST' was our tagline when we were bored n didnt noe wat to do. For those do not noe, DQ set up a new programme this year under persijilan which is called Fast Track, where they allow u to memorize the quran for 9 months (of course u cant take holidays like the normal ones do). This year is basicly the pioneer year, n for startes there is only 7 of us for banat (me, syifa, hafiza, sarah, fatimah, aisyah, n atifah). We became close when at one time there was only 7 of us living in dq while budak diploma n persijilan all had their holidays. So yes, it was during tat time tat we played with each other sambil menjerit2 during the evening, we went by the lake n sing along some nasyid while eating oreos, we even had 'jaguh kampung' amongs the seven of us. Those memories..i cherished (well tat was the gud part)

wat no one noes is, wat we ve been thru deep down. At first when we entered the programme, ppl say things like we dnt love dq n hoped to get out of there fast. We were said to leave our friends behind (its not tat we did tat on purpose, our muqarrar is 15 juz weh n rasa nak tersabut otak je hafal laju2). The feeling when we had to stay close together bcuz there were only 7 of us dq while everybody else enjoyed their holidays. N the fact tat when one of us cried bcuz she cldnt handle the presure of memorizing 10 pages a day. Plus the pressure adds up when ustzh farhana stormed out of the room bcuz we cldnt iadah properly.. No one wldnt hv noticed these feelings tat we shared, the seven of us. Other ppl wld think, ohh alahh budak fast track, lain.

I wldnt call the experience of being a fast tracker a traumatic one, bcuz aftr a while i learnt a lot from it. U see, being a fast tracker, i hv to do everything in a very fast mode. Ive to memorize n remember fast, ive to read books with a great speed, ive to iron the clothes fast, wash the clothes like crazy, n most of the times my brain got affected as well. I want to process things quickly, i was impatient to wait for anything, n i ended up getting angry if it wasnt tat quick enough to the standards tat i put myself.

Some ppl wld say, when ur fast u have an advantage. For me, i wld prefer to do things slower. Walk slower, n the world offers u great things for u to see n observe (bt not too slow ok).

If i get too impatient, ill get angry, ill get fidgety, ill get defensive, i will never hv peace. I dnt want those things. N this is a continuous fight, i noe. So please, pray tat i stay strong n win this over. Alhamdulillah i realized those things now. Bt who noes wat the Devil wil do to us n tats why we must constantly b reminded, n constantly b prepared.

Dear fast track, u do drive me up the walls. Bt life is a test, n i wld just hv to put up with u right..?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

some day

alhamdulillah, the last 10 days were peaceful, even though i stil had nitemares in tanah haram, bt i fel as if the soul were recovering. Just by luking at the holy black cube of kaabah-the Muslims qiblat, the heart felt safe. the Creator.

Bt recent event gave us a huge blow. It wasnt just tat, it was a trauma for the family. I once asked, where is home? N a lot of ppl wld answer home is where u feel the happiest. Now i dont feel like i hv a home anymore. The safest place i cld find confort in, had been invaded by strangers i didnt noe existed in my life. There was only imaginary home deep inside our hearts built by us, the mere memory but strong feeling tat Allah is stil always with us, giving the warmth we all wished for.

Ohh Allah, what have we become if it werent for the fact You Are Always Here?

Albaqarah: ...verily, the help of Allah is (always) near..
I repeated tat every moment i was awake.

At night we cldnt sleep, our rooms were a mess. Too terrified to clear the mess, we sisters curled up to one another, and patted each other. Tears were stil streaming silently as we felt alone, n so afraid tat someone might invade our personal space again. We were heartbroken to see our parents face, the dim n gloom face striking great fear n worriness. They tried to calm us down, but i noe the were the most uncalmed.

I wish this was just a nitemare. No matter how terrified the nitemare was, in the end someone wld call me up to the reality. But not this time. Who wld wake us up from the trauma?

...verily, the help of Allah is (always) near..

Someday, we will see.

Friday, May 13, 2011

what have become of us

this post is a question mark.

i wish to b happy. cliche kot. which is worse, praising urself for something u longed but u dont try n get it, or simply letting urself fall in the dark?

wani mcm berpantun pulak.

goodbye world

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


wani dreamt of wearing a white coat. soon.

dream high, achieve higher.

scintillate zenith.

credits to My Creator, for lending me this life. ...

I miss Debating

salam. terkejut ehh dengan title of this post?

i happened to go to my home dkt facebook when suddenly i saw picture of fattah, kamalia and iman debating in musleh. and my next reaction was unexpected, even for me.

I smiled.

and then i thought, woahhh. how i missed debating. and by debating it doesnt mean u go to debate competitions or wat debate means in the dictionary. its My own definition of debating. and yes, i missed it. (i have to swallow hard to say these words).

i remember, exactly the perfect scenes in my head. how my debate team and i entered debate in musleh 2009. it was a mere of a coincidence. my debate team leader, fakhry at that time called musleh people to register for his moms school, sri ayesha. and aftr some talk the ustaz whom he phoned accidentally thought tat he was registering smka maahad hamidiah because when the ustaz asked him "where r u from?" n he answered "smka maahad hamidiah".

well, in Islam, theres no such thing as a coincidence...

when fakhry told the team, and asked for our opinion about going to musleh, especially when its very near to his spm, we were..excited to be honest. not only it was held in a hotel (biasalah kami ni budak kampung, sebut hotel je terus excited), and it was held under ICEE, which i cldnt remember wat it stands for. but as we were informed there were no non-muslims.

i secretly told myself, while telling to Fakhry: "this is our second chance...a chance to give our best from what we went thru in uia"

Alhamdulillah, it was really our second chance.

I remembered, we decided that Fakhry, Laila, Kimi, and I wld b going there, under our school SMKA MAAHAD HAMIDIAH. we went there, thursday evening. by fakhry's parents car. that was the very first time tat i met with Nadia. she sat beside me, while i played the games in my handphone. we stopped in front of a hotel called hotel vistana, which fakhry mispronounced it was VISANTA (macam nama indian girl), and we were told that the sri ayeshans wld b arriving soon. we wld b sharing rooms with them, and one room will b provided for 7 people. me n laila was like: takpelah asalkan tidur.

i smiled again.

meeting with the sri ayeshans, i mean really meeting them for the first time, made my head spin. they were very random, crazy, out of place, and all liked to talk. being the eldest i have to take care of the girls and make sure they sleep. i was even told to make sure they do their hafal quran everyday, which they didnt do pun because there was no time. but there, i met with great people. kamalia, fareeha, iman, nabihah... not to mention i get to noe laila even better. when we were stressed out because of debate, we wld listen to taylor swift songs.macam budak2.

even though sri ayesha won the competition during that year, but we gained more than that. we gained our second chance in everything. we gained our second chance in forming a stronger team. we gained our second chance in getting to noe our weaknesses. we gained our second chance in..entering a better debate competition.

if i wld want to write every scenes of musleh memories in this post im sure it too long to b read.

i smiled again, to my thoughts. and continued typing.

what have i missed the most about debating?

i missed being a third speaker, sitting beside a very talented and gifted second speaker of smka maahad hamidiah. i missed the adrenaline rush when the motions were given out and we all had to write them down. i missed running around finding the rooms with my debate teams. i missed having some fight along the quarantine time. i missed the glares my opponents wld give me as soon as the debate session starts. i missed reading the DOA, praying to Allah everytime we wld start a debate. i missed saying "mr.speaker" for so many times in my speech. i missed the times when me and laila would Sujud syukur to Allah after debate, whether we win or lose. i missed the times when i wld have to search for facts in ALMANAC. I Debate Family.

ohh Allah, please let me keep these memories..forever.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kau kawan, sahabat dan teman

salam. *kali ni saya yakin 90% post ni dlm bahasa melayu.

alhamdulillah seronoknya balikk rumahhh. lapang dada..tengok kucing, anak kucing, bapak kucing, mak kucing. alhamdulillah.
status: wanie cham is grateful ehh? irony is the operative word for some ppl who read this (ok mcm dh tak faham dah).

lapang dada yang teramat, Allah saja yang tahu. bukannya dq tak best, tp dq tengah aura exam yang membunuh jadi semua orang keje menenung quran tu je sampai tembus (entah ingat ke tak ingt tu, ----->sye sdg bercakap dgn diri saya)

one thing that changed me for gud in dq is tat when ppl ask "kenal tak justin beiber? or justin timberlake? or tengok tak movie baru dkt cinema? komik conan?" i wld have no idea or whatsoever on those matters. especially kalau top 40 with ryan seacrest tu, mmg serious dah lama tinggal dah keje2 lagha tu. berbalik pada tajuk post.. oleh kerana dkt dq tak dpt dah dengar top 40 ryan seacrest tu sbb kalau ada programme2 takkan dq nak pasang2 lagu2 barat yang pelik tu, so saya telah dibiasakan dgn lagu2 nasyeed yang riang gembira, yang sebenarnya boleh kira first time dengar nasyeed2 tersebut. but not tat im fond of nasyeed pulak not obsessed, especially to those inteam's song pasal kahwin tu, nor adcoustic's song (Aku mencintaiMu), even though the song was about being in love with Our Creator. tapi bila ada nasyeed yang rasa mcm sedap je, mcm betul apa yang lyrics tu cakap pasal hidup kita...tu baru rasa macam "ehh, nasyeed ni not bad lah".

so recently, i've had a bit of a issue with my friends. well, living in hostel was fun at some point, but life isnt always a bed full of roses ehh? hehh. bila ada programme "the prestige", a dinner for sem 1 and sem 3 IQRaC, then the programmer pasang lagu ni, baru lah terasa...ya Allah siapa kawan, sahabat dan temanku ni? im not perfect, im disturbing, and im annoying. ade ke pulak orang nak jadi kawan, sahabat dan teman? some ppl say im not tat sentimental when it comes to friendship, and some say im TOO sentimental. whatever pun, saya pun tak tahu. sbb rasanya im still lost in finding who the real wani is now. tp best je kalau nak dengar santai2 lagu ni. perg cari dkt utube, UNIC-kau kawan, sahabat, dan teman.

semoga dapat enlightenment sikit drpd nasyeed ni of wat friendship realy means.

kau kawan, sahabat, dan teman

Ketika mula bertemu
Terasa bagai telah lama bersua
Kau sambut hulur tanganku
Bertegur sapa penuh mesra

Masa terus berlalu
Dan kita tetap seiringan berjalan
Menempuh onak liku
Lalui semua suka dan duka bersama

Biarlah apapun rahsia
Dan kelemahanmu tetap engkau temanku

Riangnya saat kita ketawa
Asyik senda dan bercerita
Walau sesekali pandangan kita berbeza
Andainya tetap serupa

Adakalanya kita juga saling terluka
Namun di akhirnya kita tetap bersama

Dan kini dipisahkan dua benua
Saling mengejar cita
Tak pernah kulupakan
Detik yang indah bersamamu temanku

Huuuu....aaaaa..... (errrkk,, geli je part ni...saya copy paste je ye. LOL)

(ulang dari mula)

Kuasti suatu masa
Engkau dan aku kan bertemu semula
Kembali menjalinkan detik nan indah
Untuk kenangan bersama

p/s: lagu riang2 macam ni, teringat...once upon a time. some special friend once sang for me lagu hijjaz "hidup ini tak selalunya indah.." when i was in my gloomy days. tat was a beauty.memoir.


ini kisahku

salam. *post kali ni 89% dalam bahasa melayu (bahasa jiwa bangsa ehh wanie?)

what a day.

hari ni, again, saya baru terperasan yang saya dah berumur 18 tahun (please lah wani, perangai mcm dak kecik). and wat made me realize that thing once again? when today, ada satu incident di mana gerabak train ktm terbakar depan mata. lawak lah kisah dia.

at that time i was alone, and the only thing i cld do was to observe all these people around me. i saw this pakcik, grabbing the nearest fire hydrant and passing it to his friend to extinguish the fire in the train. i saw this chinese lady sitting next to me while i was reading the quran aloud, teaching her child to speak mandarin. i saw this one malay girl, who dressed out in a so improper way tat i doubted she was a malay, and a MUSLIM at first. i saw another makcik, grumbling with her friends at how long we all needed to wait for the train to be fixed. and me? wat was i thinking? i was thinking tat if only i didnt get out from tat train i'd be burned to death (and it wasnt a realy bad thing aftr all). and the best part, nobody was going to find out pun. my parents are away with my family. and the only one who wld b missing my presence was fuzzy, my dearest cat at home.

ok post ni bukan dalam bahasa melayu pun.

so after tat, bila train lain dah datang to give us a lift, again, alone i went into coach wanita tu and observe the scenery outside the window pulak. one thing tat caught my attention was, when there was this masjid, designed with architectural chinese traits, situated in a chinese neighbourhood. subhanallah! its true wat ppl say, when ur a MALAY MUSLIM, ur place is duduk diam2 dalam rumah dkt malaysia. but when ur MUSLIM, go anywhere in this world n ppl will greet u as ur their brothers and sisters.

the next tat made me realize once again, im 18 is tat... i get to take the train ALONE! lol. ya Allah. kalau ayat mak hanisah: kau tu dah lah fitnah, lepas tu jalan sorang2. tak baik tau anak dara. but then.. i dnt realy hv a muraqib do i? hehh.

so highlight for the day nak cerita train ktm terbakar je, tu je. nothing personal. but wanie cham likes it. *thumbs up. walaupun dlm hati rasanye nak meletup jantung sebab takut mati katak dkt situ.

sekian. wallahua'alm