Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ending the Year

Wanie is getting weirder,

Yes, i noe.

newcoming 2010 note:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weddings ; Funny things to Ponder.

During the holidays, a lot of people grabbed the chance to get married. Ok maybe ur wondering why on earth am i wrting this (dont panick, im not planning to get married this holiday, or even the next one). When this time of the year comes up, our mummies (specifically my mom) would use this chance to bring their children over to some wedding ceremony just for the sake of silaturrahim and, um for showing that their children have probably grown up. Generally, its not a bad idea to accompany ur parents anywhere they go (not to mention they give u food!). but things just got funny when such scenarios happen.

These two weeks had been the peek of the weddings. i was... "kindly" asked by my parents to follow them to some weddings mainly because its the holidays right now and they say i have nothing else better to do. Reluctantly, i followed them and was surprised to meet lots of type of people. it was hilarious at first, but then i concluded that... its simply just life.

i was always annoyed by the the questions they were going to ask. sometimes its better to be a kid holding a lollipop and smiling all the way without having to answer anything when other people talked to you. one of the recent questions they asked to me was "yang ni ke anak last yang kecik2 dulu? dah besar ye!". or even better, u could hear they say to ur mom "anak u dh berape orang kawin? who will be the next one?". and they were so interested at my age that they couldnt forget to ask "skrg ni belajar kat mane? what.. baru tingkatan 4? ingatkan dah kat uni daahhh!" LOL. yep, for those who didnt noe, thats generally the basic question. someone once told me that those questions are only to show their motherly self. although i understand that they were not trying to mind somebody's business, i couldnt help but feel a little uncomfortable when being asked by those questions. in my case, i alwasy looked upon their reactions when i answered the question. it was fun to see that they expected another answer from me, and it turned out that i answered them the other way around. just like when they thought i was a uni student, ill simply smile and said that im younger than that! lol.

whats funnier recently was, the way they judge the younger ones. lol. i wanted to laugh right there back then when i had to pretend coughing and drinking some water when an aunt came to my mom and ask those regular questions. she eyed me and my sister and asked about my age. coincedently im as old as her son, which i had no idea of whom she was talking about. i was wearing a purple baju kurung, with a purple tudung labuh bulat (its a habit, sometimes i feel that wearing a tudung labuh bulat is the greatest and funnest thing to do). so this aunt asked my mom where do i study; its smka maahad hamidiah... what am i doing right now; maybe just playing dumb... when she whispered quite loudly to my mom saying "insya-Allah lah ni, besar nnt jadi ustazah. alhamdulillah". lol. im not sure what made her say that. does she see the tudung labuh as a symbol or.. maybe i was a bit quiet back then that she thought i was a very good and obedient child. lol. anyway, its still a doa. no further comments there, just a thing to ponder.

well, another case or consequences that u have to pay if u dont attend many weddings with ur parents is that; 1) u wont get to taste the food. 2) people dont noe u, so when u come for the first time round peolpe will ask u LOTS MORE irregular questions. lol. a story of my sis (if ur reading this); she didnt usually follow us to weddings but recently she had to because my mom strictly ordered the whole family to come. so we were happily shaking hands with other people (my sister was in front of me) when the first question that slammed her was. "sihat, doktor?". i was quite puzzled by the questions and eyed for my sister's reaction. she was shocked as well. clearly, the aunt had mistaken my sister for my other sister which happens to be a medical the next question wwas even crappier. she went further in to salam other aunts, when an aunt suddenly hold her and said " ni dh yang ke berape ni?" while smiling playfully at my sister's stomach. since my sister was quite chubby the aunt thought that she was pregnant, without knowing our names, or which is which. LOL. afterwards i could hear my sister grumbling saying "just then im a doctor, now im pregnant?!" . i guesss, its worse when u didnt often show up with ur parents to weddings. ;p

so when coming to weddings in malaysia, we have lots of types of wedding. some are held in dewan, others in front of the house with big decorative tents, with loud songs that could tear up my ears, or simply nasyeeds to be heard. for me, being one of the comers to weddings (not being the one who is marrying yet,) i find it fascinating at how the way certain people find their own happiness. but overall, i certainly think that weddings are just something funny to ponder, with various people with various attitude come and go.

last say: May u find ur happiness, newlyweds .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Career Path

At the age of 16, (thats where i am rite now).some of us had decided securely about their ambition and future (mostly with the help of parental advice, siblings, friends and ur current status in class). but then, sometimes u couldnt help but wonder if this is the right choice, the truly blessed way to work in the future and contribute something to Islam. in this article of Milenia Muslim ( i grew fond of the magazines just two days ago, when my mom wished me to read something during the hols), it said that Allah SWT akan mempersoalkan apa yang kita lakukan untuk agama melalui pekerjaan kita.

Basicly, we chose a profession out of our deepest interest towards a particular field that we studied. we grew more and more fond towards the field that we are eager to learn and try to improve in any kinds of ways that we could. up until a certain level in our career, normal people would think that their life has now completed, they have reached their goal of performing their wanted job. i.e u are now a GP doctor, and u think that ur life is now blissful after the harshness of internships, the cold stay-up nights of 6 years studying non stop of anatomy and pathology book. so its time, a GP is more than enough. u go to work, and do what doctors do; get a check up on patients, prescribe them some drugs and medicine, then go home to spend some time with family...repeating the same routine everyday without having to worry about big paychecks coming to ur way.

yes.. normal people would do that.

never forget, besides being a student (now), and doctors..lawyers..(then), we also have this other special task that we promised to perform the minute we got out from our mummies bellies and cried horribly; the caliph. or to be exact, the title that we hold right now makes us all elligable to be caliph; under the title Muslims. a Muslim doctor would have to do more than any other doctor, they could treat the patients from the inside and out. eg. a Mat Rempit needs to be treated cuz his leg cracked from some torunament he had, so a doctors job is simply to treat the mans leg. but a Muslim doctor would also treat his other ilness that lead him to such misbehaviour, its the the soul inside that also hurts resulted from an infection of the sickness called Ghaflah (penyakit lupa pada Allah).

ok maybe too much of doctors example ;p. but always noe that we have this other special role to be done;because we are Muslims which Jihad falls wajib on each and everyone of us. the path of dakwah is always open together with any career path that we took, (not to fret, even acik kantin yang perlakuannya mulia pun orang boleh jadikan contoh).so here are some of the normal career paths that you could all venture differently and make it different.

1) Murabbi
- yep, it was my dads idea the minute i step foot in Maahad (sekolah agama). since i was trained with strict Murabbi when i was small to read the Quran with proper Tajwid, my dad got this frantic idea of wanting me to be an ustazah and teach the rest on how to read the Quran with proper Tajwid. not a bad idea since ill have my saham dunia akhirat, and that can be passed to my dad too ;p

2) Doctor
- ok this was my idea. basicly i enjoy watching people being cut into two. LOL. and yes i wished to change the smell of hospitals right now (the smells are quite vomitting). but along the way u ll get to help as many people as possible.

3) Engineer
- my sisters idea. she was eager to send me for studies in Japan since i was those car freaks. always dreaming that she ll come to japan and visit me often (the truth she just wants to go to japan and shop lol). my other sister would want me to study engeneering since her favourite was physics.she attended a seminar on some carcrash situation (mind u shes a medical student), and was awed by the head of some kementrian keselamatan talking about the force exerted from the back seater to the front seater when car crashed..etc. shes thinking of me becoming the new head later so she could have all those access towards the governments safety.

4) Lawyer/Magistrate
-again, the idea came from my sister who attended some inquest in courts. becoming a magistrate in the High Court would be thrilling. except that ur car have to be black-tinted, not to mention u wont have many friends. but ull get to control ur emotions quite well then. a rule to decide on a case; u cant be too happy, or too sad. and u may have to isolate urself for some time so u wont get affected by any parties just to be sure. well, lawyers.. are the one with big brains to be coordinated with their big mouths. of course u cant go like "umm..uummmm" in the middle of ur talkings ;p

5) Hafizah
-i guess this was all parents dreams for those who realize how blessed their life would be having someone in the family to memorize the whole Quran. as my ustaz prescribed, the ones who get to memorize the whole Quran are the chosen ones. Allah choses who get to muliakan Kitabnya. May Allah bless us all.

6) Politicians
- im not talking about PAS or UMNO or Pakatan here. ;p. to say that rite now politicians lead the world; they are our leaders. it takes lot to make a great politician/leader, and it would be even greater that the leader could lead us Muslims together to build a better future for Islam in this world. insya-Allah, the day will come...someday.

so have a go and take ur pick ;p

Mafhum ayat- Nya
"Adakah kamu menyangka (wahai manusia) yang kamu ini diciptakan dengan sia-sia dan kamu tidak dikembalikan kepada Kami (tidak sekali-kali)"