Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turning Point.

dear friend,
Everyday is a turning point for me.....
and that goes to u too~

we see at how people define the word "turning point" so carelessly,
its when people say that when something peculiar happened to you, its a turning point.
and what's funnier, some people even define the word only when "someone" significant is/was present in your life.

turning point, apa ada pada dua kata itu?

in life, we don't follow the flow in the hopes to find something to prove to us that our lives r worth the while,
we SEIZE the moment, and CREATE the memories~
Rejoice with what we have now, never looking back and just walk straight along the road.

To be thinking what makes u deserve the life u have right at this moment, is something anyone shouldn't be thinking about, because its HIS PLAN!.
instead, bear in mind my love,
A beginning, to Your Everyday turning point.......
the Tests doesn't stop Here, my friend.
we have a long way to go.

the phrase "letting go", for me isn't a turning point.
its a form of repentance,
towards the mistakes that we made,
towards the mistakes that I made.
(but not all "letting go" is bad lah, cuma dlm context ni u get what i mean?) hahaha

i really wished to say about this longer, but I'm afraid ill babble out too much and go out of the topic.
i realized a lot of things yesterday,
which made me think a lot...
among us friends, we tend to have the thing called "trends", where everyone has their own fare share of stories to be told.
and when u don't really have one that is according to the "trends", u tend to think u lack of something

awak, tak perlukan trend! awak evergreeen! natural beauty! *ayat lawak.

ill end this post with my favorite quotes from a twin;
"Do not think of what Has Happened or what Will Happen, but what you can think of is How you make it Happen..."


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