Saturday, March 23, 2013

A kid and her immaturity

After having slight problems dealing with microbe (thats a medical subject btw), i decided to have a break by zooming around into my hard disk, selecting anything that would interest the mind.

came across King 2 Heart, the all-loved korean drama which was a breathtaking drama. haha. i cant believe im doing this again, wathing while putting a smile helplessly whenever the scenes humor my thoughts. afterwards, i watched the writing recap and the reviews made for that episode and thought, long havent i been doing this kind of thing.

i remember back then when i was in early secondary education, i used to put up with myself being like this almost every night. without finding anything amusing to do, watching Kdrama and reading every reviews made were the daily routines.

I was a kid, amused by her own immaturity at that time.

and now, down the memory lane....again.

earlier today someone whom i respected did say i was known for my mature looks and perhaps, thinking. ill bear that in mind the next time my mind land on the memory lane again, being a kid and not knowing what should be prioritized in life. 

but then i thought, well thats what differs us from a kid. we are in fact, an adult, realizing each and every step that we take in life. knowing by right each moment we spent, wasted on things that shouldnt be taken into matter. 

indeed, i need a break from my life right now. rearranging everything now and then. sometimes i admit, theres the fall, theres the break, and yet theres also the sweetness, and the tears of joy out of strength, as i pull back myself out of the empty hole dragging me down. 

Alas, this is not a way, to get back up. this isnt the way, to waste the moments n time He has given me to be spent in this world. He hasnt created me to watch and tag along with other people's drama. i just hoped...someday, this kid will stop dreaming of other people's dream (inside the Kdrama) and start living and chasing her own dream. this time, a more Real dream. 

Allah. Love. Faith

p/s: anyhow, King 2 Heart was really a good drama. 

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